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Weatherproof your outdoor space this year (2020) with an awning

Double sided awning

Awnings can provide the perfect shade for a specific outdoor area of your choosing. In the summertime, the sunlight can make outdoor conditions rather uncomfortable for people and pets.

The direct impact of sunlight on your skin makes you hotter, and increases the risk of possible skin damage.

By installing an awning, you will create a shaded area under which you can enjoy your garden without the direct intensity of sunlight.

It also comes in handy if there’s a light shower. There is something weirdly enjoyable about sitting under an awning during a light summer shower and remaining bone dry.

There are several different types of awnings you can choose from. There are the standard folding arm awnings which you have to open and close manually. But if you’d rather have an automated way of opening and closing your awning, then go with the remote-controlled retractable awning instead. This wonderful innovation in modern technology allows you to control the awning with just a push of a button. How great is that?

Most awning models must be mounted onto the side of your home. That is where the support system is located that allows the awning to be opened and closed in the first place. 

Overall, you can place awnings over gardens, patios, swimming pools, jacuzzi & spas, picnic areas, smoking areas, and any other outdoor space that you’d like to keep in the shade. After the awning is installed, you’ll feel like you have extended your living space and breakfast, lunch and dinner can be alfresco.

Just call an awning installation professional today to get the process started.