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1.             Subject to the remaining provisions of this Guarantee we provide the following warranty (“Warranty”) namely that:
1.1          when delivered, goods, which we supply will correspond with the specification set out or referred to in the order relating to them, satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose for which they are generally used;
1.2          from the date of their installation, those goods will remain free from defects for a period of 1 year; and
1.3          we will perform any installation and other which we have agreed to provide with reasonable skill and care.
2.             Subject to paragraphs 4 to 9 inclusive at no cost to you, we offer a fixed fee maintenance service “Extended Maintenance Service”.  The Extended Maintenance Service is offered to you unconditionally in relation to awnings shutters and blinds from the first until the fifth anniversary of their installation.  Under the Extended Maintenance Service, we will repair or replace any awnings, shutters or blinds as required subject to your paying a fixed £75 call out charge on each occasion when this service is required.
3.             At the time when we deliver goods or provide installation or other services, you should inspect the goods and work we have carried out and inform us straight away if you consider there is any defect.  If subsequently you discover anything which you think is defective, you should then inform us in writing (by e‑mail is fine) as soon as possible.  We may ask you to send us photographs of the alleged defect, which you have told us about and/or we will arrange visit the location of the goods or work we have done to examine the alleged defect.  We will repair, replace or reperform anything that is not in accordance with paragraph 1 above.
4.             You must allow us access to carry out any work and/or replace any goods and do so by making an appointment within a reasonable time and keeping to this.  If you fail to do so, this our obligations under this warranty document will lapse and be of no further effect.
5.             All fabrics we supply to you will have been tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 105 B02.  However, fading will inevitably occur to fabrics and indeed the materials of other items we supply.  Therefore, so long as the goods we have provided continue to perform correctly there will be no right to claim under the Warranty or to request the Extended Maintenance in respect of fading or discolouration.
6.             We will use all reasonable endeavours to match goods which we provide by way of replacement under the Warranty or the Extended Maintenance Service to those which they are replacing.  However, you recognise that there may be differences particularly where older goods are being replaced.  Therefore, in some cases we have to replace superseded items with those that match the originals as closely as practicable.  As long as we do so, we will be deemed to have satisfied our obligations under this document whether in respect of the Warranty or the Extended Maintenance Service and will have no further responsibility for any mismatch.
7.             The Warranty and Extended Maintenance Service do not include or impose any obligation on us to:
7.1          work the need for which is caused by a failure to use anything we have provided in accordance with our instructions, advice or recommendations or those of the manufacturer of any goods we have supplied;
7.2          vandalism, accidental damage including but without limitation by fire, water or adverse weather;
7.3          using anything we have provided with any other item, attachment or accessory which we have neither provided nor approved; or
7.4          any modification or attempted repair by any person other than us which carried out to or attempted on any goods and/or services we have provided.
8.             The Warranty and the Extended Maintenance are conditional upon your having paid in full and on time all amounts due to us and this document will, therefore, be of no effect if that condition is not satisfied.
9.             The Warranty and Extended Maintenance Service and the benefits offered by this document are for the original purchaser’s exclusive benefit.  They may not be transferred to or used by any other person.  It is essential that you retain your Order and purchase documentation as you should expect to be asked to produce this if making a claim under the Warranty or seeking to use the Extended Maintenance Service.

Copywrite of The Blinds And Shutter Company (UK) Ltd 2020

The extended warranty is effective on all orders placed since 24th July 2020

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In December 2016, Mia Carter said about her Shutter blinds in Codsall

"What a great family and service! I couldn't be happier with my new shutters! Gary was on time, patient and advised me perfectly. There was no pressure to buy and Gary spent considerable time with me discussing various design options. My husband & I decided to proceed with shutters for the front of the property, upstairs & downstairs. We paid our deposit and couldn't wait to hear back from Gary regarding a fitting date. A week or so later we received a call from Gary and we were expecting to be told when fitting could be done... However we had the shock of our lives when Gary informed us we had won our complete order and fitting completely free of charge!!!!! We were over the moon to say the least. We didn't know but we were automatically entered into a free competition and we were the lucky ones who won out of a considerable amount of individuals. Gary sent our deposit back straight away and then informed us of fitting. Christmas has definitely come early for us this year !!! We love them so much we now want to get the rest of the property done. Thank you Gary & Co your amazing !!"

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and I will be your point of contact here at The Blinds & Shutters Company We’re a small family business, but with big ambitions. So when my Dad is out advising, measuring, quoting and arranging fittings, I’m here to offer advice and arrange a good time for a home visit. We’re all in this together and so if it’s not me you talk to, it’ll probably be my mum. But we all know the business inside out and know what shading products work best indoors and out. Let’s talk.

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