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The Blinds and Shutter Company Are Proud to Announce we are Offering Virtual Meetings

The coronavirus has changed life as we know it. Even though businesses are beginning to open up again, the social distancing measures imposed by the government are still in place.

Thankfully, The Blinds and Shutter Company remains in business and ready to serve you. We’ve created an easy and safe way for our customers to conduct meetings and negotiations with our team. Instead of having in-person discussions, we are now offering price quotes and meetings through Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp.

In case you aren’t familiar with Zoom, it’s a video conferencing software platform that allows you to video chat with people over a computer or phone. Facetime and Whatsapp work best on smartphones but Zoom is better on a PC. If someone is shielding at your property then this is a way to get the information you need from us, without inviting us into your home.

Don’t let the risk of coronavirus keep you from renovating your home with beautiful blinds and shutters. With all the time you’re probably spending indoors, you need the best of everything inside your home. It is only right that you have aesthetically pleasing indoor features like blinds and shutters. And, of course, they’re also necessary for controlling the amount of sunlight that shines into your home. 

Do you have any questions about our social distancing measures? Do you need help setting up Zoom on your computer? Please give us a call at 01785 596 018 or email us at to get further assistance.