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How to care for your roman blinds

Roman blinds add a softer, textured feel to a room. They are very effective in keeping out sunlight and helping you maintain privacy when you need it. 

Roman blinds may be made from cotton, silk, taffeta or linen materials. Sometimes they are synthetic or blends of these materials. 

As for cleaning your Roman blinds, this will depend on how often they are opened or closed. Static items in a room will collect dust, however opening and closing the blinds each day will limit the frequency of cleaning.

If your Roman blinds are more decorative than functional you may want to clean them more often. 

For this, attach the soft brush to your vacuum cleaner and use that to remove dust. 

If there are more stubborn marks on your blinds, try baby wipes and wipe gently.

Avoid any stain remover solutions because it might cause discolouration on the fabric.