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How Much Do Window Shutters and Blinds Cost?

Your budget is probably something that will factor into your choice of whether to purchase shutters or blinds for your windows. In most cases, shutters will cost more money than blinds because they’re sturdier, thicker, and more durable. But there isn’t one fixed price for shutters or blinds. The size and materials they’re made from will greatly influence their price.

On average, the cost of window shutters in the UK is between £180 and £300 for every square metre. This price estimate only considers the cost of the shutters themselves. It does not include the cost of a professional installation service and on site advice and measurements to determine the right size shutters for your window frames. 

If you want these professional services done for you, then it’ll cost you more than £300 for every square metre. Most do-it-yourself people only pay about £180 for every square metre when they’re doing their own installation. 

As for the cost of blinds, they are cheaper than shutters. The minimum average cost of blinds is £100, and the maximum average cost of blinds is £175. These prices include the cost of the blinds and the measurement and installation services associated with them. You can see that these prices are much lower than the average prices of the shutters. But again, the size and materials of the blinds play a huge role in the total price. You must also make considerations for whether you’re purchasing premade blinds or bespoke blinds. 

For instance, let’s say you’re purchasing pre-made wooden blinds that must be trimmed to fit your windows. If your window size is 500mm x 1,200mm, then your pre-made blinds will cost £79, which includes the measurements and installation costs. But if you were going to purchase bespoke blinds of the same size, then it would cost you £129. The higher price of the bespoke blinds is due to the customization aspect of them.

So hopefully, you have a rough idea of what blinds and shutters cost now. Unless you’re a very handy person, you should think hard before you attempt to perform any of these installations yourself. You may want to save money, but you could end up losing money if you measure incorrectly. Worse, you may not adhere to the child safety guidelines and create a danger to others.So, go with a professional installation and watch as your investment pays off wonderfully.