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Do Shutters Keep Heat In?

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Shutters provide homes with a lot of benefits. Most people like shutters because of their aesthetics and ability to block sunlight and provide more privacy. But, what doesn’t get talked about often is how shutters can keep heat trapped inside of homes. In fact, they are much better at trapping heat than blinds and most other window treatments.

If you want to increase energy-efficiency in your home, then you should add shutters to all your windows. The English Heritage conducted a study recently which revealed that shutters provide over a 50% reduction in the amount of heat that seeps through windows. Since you’ll have more heat trapped indoors, your heating system won’t need to work as hard to generate heat. This means that you’ll save money on your monthly electric bill.

Does your location get cold in the wintertime? If so, then you’ll want to have as much energy efficiency in your home as possible because you’re going to need constant heat to stay warm. A one-time investment in high-quality shutters can help you retain the heat while saving you a bundle of money. All shutters are different, so there is no guarantee as to how much heat will get saved or lost.

For example, when you close the slats and panels of your window shutters, then you save over 50% of your indoor heat. But if you were to add secondary glazing, you could save over 60% of the heat. There are all sorts of different combinations you can put together to reduce your home’s heat loss. Some people will install thicker windows, shutters, and curtains just to keep the heat inside. The more you block the cracks and passageways in the frame, the harder it will be for heat to escape.

When you choose your shutters, make sure they’re constructed from solid material. Have a window treatment professional perform the installation because they’ll ensure the shutters are fitted properly to your windows. If you try to perform the installation yourself and they’re not fitted properly, then your insulation efforts will be for nothing. You may reduce some of the heat, but not nearly as much as you could if the shutters were fitted properly.