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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most popular type of blinds in the United Kingdom for two simple reasons.

First, the vertical design of the blinds offers something that no other blinds can give you. Vertical blinds manage to control light and glare from the sun while still providing you with a view of the outside landscape and beyond. The angle of the sunlight will depend on the angle of the blinds. Once the blinds are positioned to block the sunlight, you’ll still have enough visible space to see outside through the window at the same time.

Second, it is very easy to maintain vertical blinds. Cleaning them does not take more than a couple of minutes tops. If the blinds ever get damaged or marked up beyond repair, then you can easily replace them with new blinds. It doesn’t cost you that much money to do any of this either. But if you maintain your blinds periodically and treat them kindly, then they should last you for several years without any real problems.

Vertical blinds work as functional blinds, but they can be made to be more sophisticated. It all depends on the fabrics you choose for your vertical blinds. You’ll find that the fabrics come in a wide range of designs and styles. Some of them are simply plain colours which are available from simple or textured designs to more dramatic and high impact designs.

If you’re interested in making a statement in your room, then choose the high impact designs. But if you’d prefer the simple designs without being overly dramatic, then you have that option too. Just let your own creativity and imagination guide you here.

Choose the control that suits you best.

The UK government has legislation which governs the safety regulations regarding blinds. Since children are susceptible to getting hurt accidentally by blinds, the way in which the blinds are installed must comply with what is written in the UK legislation.

All blind chains and cords are now required by law to be supplied at a minimal length in order to make them inaccessible by children. Also, the blind chains and cords must be retained to the lowest point of the wall with a safety clip. If you’re not sure about how to do this, don’t worry because our professional installers can do it for you. We’re familiar with all the laws surrounding blinds in the UK, so we’ll make sure you are in compliance with the UK legislation.

Two control options are available for your vertical blinds: motorised or wand. The motorised versions are operated from a remote control, while the wand version requires you to operate the blinds manually. We can advise you on the best option for your needs.

5% OFF

Orders with appointments that are booked online

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The BBSA has been instrumental in leading the campaign for safer window blinds in the UK via its Make it Safe campaign.
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