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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the softest type of window blinds on the market. They’re very distinct from normal window blinds because of how they stack up together when you open them. There are no ribs or bumps when the blinds are stacked together. The stacking is done evenly in order to create a smooth and clean appearance above your window. This is a look that you don’t see with most other vertical blinds and shades.

The natural waterfall effect of the fabric gives the blinds a more three-dimensional feel to them. Roman blinds are made from a lot of different materials. Some are made from faux silk, cotton, blended linen, blended cotton & polyester, or just linen itself. Roman blinds stack against themselves across the front face of a window. The sumptuous fabrics of the blinds can offer you a feeling of warmth and luxury. The best part is that Roman blinds don’t cost that much money. So, if you’ve ever wanted to live a life of luxury but could not afford to do so, then Roman blinds can help you feel like you do. 

When you’re ready to darken your entire room because you want to sleep or watch television,  you can add a blackout lining to assist you. This is a feature that you don’t often see included with other types of blinds. Usually, other blinds have features that reduce the light, rather than blocking it completely. That is why Roman Blinds are so great.

The Blinds and Shutter Company is in compliance with UK legislation to make blinds safe for children to be around. To stay in compliance with the law, all of our blind chains are now supplied with a minimal length and retained to the wall at their lowest point with a safety clip. Auditors and other government officials have already approved our blinds installation as being compliant with the legal requirements surrounding them. We’re simply happy to do our part in preserving human safety any chance we can. 

Are you interested in a motorised version of Roman blinds? If you choose a motorised version, you’ll have complete control over them with a remote control. You can just point the remote control at the blinds and push a button to open or close them. This comes in handy if you’re tired in bed and would like to open or close the blinds without having to get up. Since we live in the age of modern conveniences, you’ll certainly appreciate having a motorised version like this.

To find out more information on all our Roman blinds options, you can call or email us by using the contact information listed on the top and bottom of this page.

5% OFF

Orders with appointments that are booked online

We’re BBSA Accredited

The BBSA has been instrumental in leading the campaign for safer window blinds in the UK via its Make it Safe campaign.
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