Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can have a dramatic effect in any room through the right combination of colour, texture and design.

Inside the window recess or across the front face, you can control natural light or create an instant blackout. We will help you choose from a range of different fabrics, plain colours, patterned designs, sheer fabrics, subtle or dramatic!

Choose the control that suits you best.

To comply with UK legislation to make blinds safer around children, all blind chains and cords are now supplied with a minimal length and retained to the wall at their lowest point with a safety clip.

We will advise you on your preferred control options such as spring operated, slow rise blinds or motorized versions operated remotely.

Roller blinds can be truly customized to suit you. We offer an array of scallop finishes with or without braided edges, wooden bottom bars, café rods, finials, pulls and clip rings. Your personal selection will really distinguish your blinds and make them exclusive to you.