Recovers and Servicing

 The Blinds and Shutter Company is an authorised distributor of Markilux and Weinor products. The very best awnings are produced in Germany and Markilux and Weinor are the leaders in their field.      Weinormarkilux_logologos   It’s really important to service your awning annually.2012-05-03 07.55.43Over time, arms will drop out of line and may catch on the awning casing which can lead to uneven projection which can eventually damage or tear the fabric.If your service is done in the Spring or the Autumn, the awning can be realigned to recognize the changing movement pattern of the sun over your terrace.All services include a thorough cleaning of the awning casing and if done regularly will bring it back to its original state.All awning recovers include a service as part of the job. Call for further details on prices for servicing and recovers.