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Are Blinds Better Than Shutters?

Blinds and shutters are types of window treatments that are designed to control sunlight and visibility. People who want to darken their indoor environment or maintain their privacy would consider either one of these window treatments. But which one is better?

For most people, they judge blinds and shutters based on their cosmetic and structural differences. Blinds are window coverings comprised of several horizontal slats made of wood, metal, or plastic. The slats are tilted and overlap each other at different angles in order to block out sunlight successfully.

Shutters are solid window coverings, which include horizontal rails and vertical stiles. They have existed longer than blinds. The reasons for having shutters are like the reasons for having blinds. But one difference is that shutters can be installed on the outside or inside while blinds can only be installed on the inside. Shutters are also more decorative and can add style and grace to any home environment.

So, which is better? The answer depends on your current budget and needs. If you want an affordable way to reduce the sunlight that enters your home, then blinds are the best choice. They’re easy to install, control, and remove when necessary.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more money on decorative and stylish window treatments, then shutters are the best choice. They can also control sunlight and give you privacy just as well as blinds. When you want to access the full window, you simply open or fold the shutters to the side rather than slide them up like the blinds.

 Before you make any decisions, you should consider all the different materials and designs of the blinds and shutters available. Think about what would look best on the windows of your home and then proceed from there.