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FIVE things you need to know

FIVE things you need to know before you blinds or shutters from anywhere.

1. Almost all Shutters sold in the UK are manufactured in a huge, highly sophisticated factory in China. Therefore as most suppliers are selling the same product, the choice you have to make is based on the quality of the advice, experience of the installer and the final selling price.

2. The biggest demand in the UK is for vertical blinds, wooden venetian and roller blinds. Consequently the quality of finished product is hugely variable. There are some suppliers that make their own blinds in their garden shed and then there are the national companies who produce finished goods using components from all over the world.

Cheap vertical blinds twist and cup in next to no time, cheap plastic components get brittle when exposed to the sunshine through glass and break off. Price will dictate quality.

3. The cheapest blinds are sold in DIY stores or online websites.

4. Many customers prefer to order their blinds in their own home so that they can match fabrics to their existing décor and test samples in their own windows. They are paying for advice and service including measuring and installation. The end product is determined by the knowledge and experience of the adviser, the quality of products used and the quality of fitting of the blinds or shutters. There are many types of blinds, shutters and systems and windows come in all shapes and sizes. The best service is provided by suppliers with lots of experience and customer testimonials. Get a recommended supplier where possible.

5. When considering buying an Awning, ALWAYS go for the widest product you can fit on to your property. As the sun moves throughout the year the shade and protection you get under your awning is highly variable. All reputable suppliers will offer an annual service which should include amending the pitch of your awning to suit the changing seasons. You will never regret buying a wider awning.